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Monthly Tea Making & Herb Identification Walks, 2023

Lead By Kate Aster - Reflexologist & Medical Herbalist

Wed 17th May
Wed 14th June
£14 including refreshments
Gentle paced, easy walk, leaving from the clinic & exploring the history & properties of the plants around us. Perfect way to connect to nature & relax.

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Move Wales - 22nd-23rd April 2023

Two Mornings of Uplifting Movement In Swansea

The movement project, The Anti Gym Gym Club and Jeni Sloane bring you MoveWALES, two mornings of uplifting movement across Saturday and Sunday - come to individual days or make a weekend of it. 

The locations

Saturday morning, 22nd April, will be based at Anti Gym Gym Club, Unit 13 St David’s Road, Enterprise Park, Swansea. SA6 BRX

Sunday morning, 23rd April will be based on the cliff tops at Southgate - overlooking Three Cliffs Bay. (The precise location will be sent on registration).

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Herb Identification Walk, Thurs 20th April 2023

Lead By Kate Aster - Reflexologist & Medical Herbalist

Monday 20th March
Thursday 20th June
£14 including refreshments
Gentle paced, easy walk, leaving from the clinic & exploring the history & properties of the plants around us. Perfect way to connect to nature & relax.

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Open Day Saturday 18th Feb 2023

Treatment Tasters - Naturopathic Treats & Q&A session

Everyone welcome, delicious treats by Marelie, massage & reflexology tasters from tasters Lucy & Kate & Q&A sessions with our osteopaths. 9-12pm.

Children Playing

Thursday 2nd June 2022
Children's Wellbeing Workshop & Open Day - With Jeni Sloane

Free Childrens workshop with Jeni

A free, inclusive wellbeing workshop for children & a mini workshop for adults. Delivered in conjunction with the local community celebrations for the queens jubilee.

4pm-5pm Murton Green, Thursday 2nd June, ages 6-10.

Tai Chi

Thursday 2nd June


Movement & Wellbeing Worskhop for Adults

With Beatrice Gbevegnon- Roper

By Beatrice Gbevegnon Roper, Osteopath & Tui Na practitioner

A taster session for gentle movement inspired by yoga, tai chi & qi gong. To help you find freedom & ease in your body and mind.

Free, Thursday 2nd June 2.30pm-2.55pm Murton Day Rooms

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Thursday 26th May 7.30pm-8.30pm

Supporting your Digestive System & Skin Health

With Marelie Mey

By Marelie Mey, Osteopath & Naturopath

Marelie Mey our resident Osteopath & Naturopath takes will offer a deeper understanding of your skin and digestive health, by teaching the anatomy & physiology of these systems. Offering simple ways to support healthy function and ease common ailments such as dry irritated skin and irritable bowels.

Active Senior Man

Thursday 28th April 2022


Supporting the Aging Body - Aging with grace

With Marelie Mey

By Marelie Mey, Osteopath & Naturopath

Learn about the aging process and how we can support ourselves through these stages for better recovery from activity, tissue health, better mobility, mental agility & clarity of thought. 
Marelie will teach you how these natural processes work, the physiology of the bodies systems and the evidence base around ways we can support our health around this.  Using simple methods including adjusting our approach to diet, exercise & lifestyle.  


Weds 30th March 2021


Menopause & Peri-menopause

A Naturopathic Approach

By Marelie Mey

Marelie is our resident Osteopath and Naturopath. 
Learn how the physiology and what happens in your body through these natural transitions and the tools to help support your body and mind through exercise, diet and simple changes.

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Happy Baby

Baby Massage

Next Classes 2022 10am:
Thursday 23rd June
Thursday 30th June
Thursday 7th July

Small Group Classes, twins welcome. Siblings by request.

Beatrice shares from her 12 years experience of massage and family wellbeing. 

Touch is the very first language babies understand. The loving touch you share through massage is unique. It is so simple in terms of techniques yet so powerful in what it conveys - your love, your understanding and your attention.

The benefits of baby massage are numerous, it supports growth and healing, can ease discomfort and enhances bonding in a fun and relaxed environment.

Click link below to book or see our eventbrite page and follow us for updates:

Events & Workshops: Welcome

Friday 4th March 6pm-730pm

Anti-fragility - Exercise for Life & in the face of health challenges

With Dan Spinks

Face to Face or Via zoom - book using link below

Book via link:

Or call 01792446366

Dan will share his experience working with people at all stages of life including cancer patients, people with heart conditions, post surgery and older adults.

Here’s what he has to say:

I believe in a world where mental and physical resilience is a shared lifelong pursuit

From a very young age I've been drawn to expressing myself through movement,  gymnastics to skateboarding, CrossFit to strongman training I have become increasingly infatuated with how we move and how it can help or hinder each of us through life. I want to help educate people to understand what good movement is for THEM with the goal being autonomy. I prefer to be guided by principles rather than methods.

“As to methods there may be a million and then some, but principles are few. The man who grasps principles can successfully select his own methods. The man who tries methods, ignoring principles, is sure to have trouble.” - Harrington Emerson

Movement is medicine, a gift and we should have the confidence to express ourselves through it daily.

Hope that's useful, also here's a link to my website

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