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Active Summer - Keeping Moving & Feeling Good

We kick started our summer with a family trip to Love Trails Festival (here). The kids loved it & managed everything from foraging, to a trail run, acro-yoga & graffiti workshops all tied in with a good measure of music, sing-a-long & laughter.

The whole family is set up for a summer of activity, there's something special about kids being able to share in your joy of being active & to see you exercising & dancing as well as having activities of their own to participate in. It was great to be surrounded by families doing the same too!

We would love to hear about your experiences of this or please let us know if you'd like us to facilitate events or classes in the community.

Jeni teaches family yoga, nature connection & yoga for runners at the festival & in the community.

We are very lucky to have the talented Owern Pillai of Strong Kids UK in Swansea too, you can get in touch with him here

To find out more head over to their page

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