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Why what we believe about ageing matters

A recent study- reviewing longitudinal studies on perceptions of ageing has indicated that what we believe about ageing affects our health as we age.

Those with a positive perceptions of ageing (i.e believing that they will remain healthy and active as they age) were found to have better health outcomes as they aged. Including better including better self-rated health and less obesity, greater longevity, better performance of the activities of daily living, less depression, and better cognitive functioning (including reductions in cognitive decline and incidence of dementia).

While those who held less positive or negative beliefs around ageing were found to have more incidence of health related (mental & physical challenges) as they aged.

Take home - what we believe about how we age can make a real difference to what happens. So let’s moving away from stereotypes of ageing (applying them to ourselves & others) is the first step.

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Or look up the article below

Self-perceptions of aging: A systematic review of longitudinal studies.

Colleen Tully-Wilson et al. Psychol Aging. 2021 Nov.

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