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Movement for desk based aches:

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Desk-based days making you feel stiff and older than you are? Or giving you neck or back aches?

Moving as often as you can, can help! Easily said, but what to do?

Try rotation on a chair keeping your legs facing forwards, upward stretches with your arms and some gentle glute stretches-all doable at your desk! *Hold tor 20-30 seconds! Repeat on both sides*

Get up for screen and movement breaks *1-2x per hour* at the very least, or swap your chair for a *Pillates ball* to keep moving and your core engaged! Up for a challenge? Break up desk work with *floor sitting*. Try different floor-sitting poses for 20 minutes at a time, or whatever feels comfortable. Keep your laptop/screen at eye level and do not slouch, but keep adjusting your legs and feet.

Aches and pains need a bigger nudge? Remember we can help with hands-on treatment. *Treat yourself*

Marelie Mey

Osteopath & Naturopath

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