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Baby Massage at Gower Health Clinic

- Thursdays at 10am

Baby Massage

Touch is the very first language babies understand. The loving touch you share through massage is unique. It is so simple in terms of techniques yet so powerful in what it conveys - your love, your understanding and your attention.

The benefits of baby massage are numerous, it supports growth and healing, can ease discomfort and enhances bonding in a fun and relaxed environment. Bond! Massage gives mothers and fathers a chance to connect and interact with their child on a deeper level than the usual day-to-day contact. Awareness. The interaction between you and your baby while massaging includes verbal and non-verbal communication, using all the senses which stimulates their body awareness. Balance. Baby massage can stimulate the circulation of the body fluids which helps support babies healthy growth. It can also help their digestive system and reduce discomfort. Yawn! The warm and comfortable environment of baby massage is an ideal way of getting them relaxed. Beatrice has been an Osteopath and Massage therapist for 12 years, in France and the UK. Over the past few years, she has delivered online and face-to-face baby massage courses to local mums and dads.

Next Classes 10am:

Thursday 23rd June

Thursday 30th June

Thursday 7th July

Both parents welcome, twins welcome! Siblings by request.

Or call us on 01792446366

By Beatrice Gbevegnon-Roper

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