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Meditation for Neck tension, Jaw pain & Headaches

By Jennifer Sloane - Registered Osteopath

8th March 2022

Do you suffer with neck aches, headaches, jaw clenching or grinding?

Did you know, our osteopaths are trained to assess the cause of your neck pain, jaw pain and headaches? They can offer simple and effective treatments and exercises to prevent reoccurrence.

Treatments can be very gentle, using light touch techniques to relax muscles or giving simple exercises. Or deeper pressure & manipulation if suitable. Your osteopath will work in partnership with you to find the right approach.

Why not give us a call to find out more on 07727256552 or book an appointment

You can try Jeni’s 10 minute meditation for neck, jaw and head tension here:


Jennifer Sloane

Registered Osteopath

8th March 2022

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