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What gets you moving? Feeling connected in your body? Feeling socially connected & joyful?

We were lucky enough to spend the weekend with the movement project. Moving, breathing & challenging ourselves, helping each other along the way.

Owen Pillai from the Anti Gym Gym Club had us playing, leaping, swinging & lifting heavy things. Learning to take risks & move playfully.

Coach & Breathwork instructor Matt Bagwell had us breathing, reflecting & goal setting.

Neil Frankel had us move simply & joyfully to connect to flow states & our own nature, fostering a growth mindset (and ninja sharp senses).

Our very own Jeni Sloane guided us to stillness & softness with yin yoga & meditation, and through the beautiful challenge of being with ourselves.

Keep an eye on our events page for the next set of classes & community offerings & follow the movement project for news on their forthcoming events.

You can catch us all at love trails festival 6-9th July on the Gower.

See you soon!

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